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Global Travel Pay

Payment settlement platform
for global travelers

Global Travel Pay allows anyone using GTP to
It aims to be free from borders and restrictions.


GTP is a market where mobile simple
payment systems are active.
A platform developed with a focus on travel.
Complex settlement in cross-border transactions,
It was created to avoid high fees, etc.
Hundreds of millions of people around the world,
especially Travelers, including persons excluded from
financial settlements, in Southeast Asia We provide
solutions that all users can use conveniently and inexpensively.


platform reward

1.Platform Rewards

Various advertisements are placed on the platform.
Through advertisements with affiliated merchants
Reward consumers for watching advertisements
We run promotions all the time.

Merchant Reward

2.Merchant Rewards

When paying with GTP at a merchant,
It will be credited to your GTP wallet as a reward.
The accumulated rewards are returned
to the merchant It can be used freely.

GTP Card

gtp card

The GTP card is a multi-currency wallet. It can be used
as aGTP card when paying with cryptocurrency.
There willalso be a lotof penetration for regular users
in Southeast Asia. Users can pay by card, and Automatic
compatibility makes it convenient to use.


Global Travel Pay allows anyone using GTP
to be free from borders and restrictions It aims,
among hundreds of millions of people around the world,
Especially in Southeast Asia's financial settlement system.
For tens of millions of people and travelers, I would like
to support financial services. GTP's own platform
By utilizing the virtual assets possessed by the users,
We provide solutions that can be conveniently used anywhere.

GTP Token

Global Travel Pay is an ERC-20 based payment token.

Global Travel Pay
Token Name
Total Issuance
200,000,000 GTP

circle graph

Token Sale 20%
40,000,000 GTP

Reward 20%
40,000,000 GTP

Community 10%
20,000,000 GTP

Team 20%
40,000,000 GTP

Private Sale 15%
30,000,000 GTP

Marketing 15%
30,000,000 GTP

GTP Roadmap


Private Sale
public token sale


GTP Wallet launched


Signed MOU with Southeast
Asian affiliates


PAY APP launch


exchange listing